Here’s why adult coloring books are becoming the most popular antistress therapy

Remember how much you rejoiced when they bought you a coloring book when you were a kid? Or when new wooden crayons and markers arrive, so you can paint the remaining drawings? If moms accidentally kept your coloring books, you can notice how you grew and progressed because the drawings are more and more beautifully colored, and something about them can be learned about your character, by the way you filled in the drawings, it can be seen that you will grow into a patient person, and according to whether you have added your own drawings to existing ones, it can be concluded what about your creativity and rebellious predispositions.

The good news is that coloring books have recently been joined by many other things that have hitherto been exclusively for children, such as computer games, and now adults can also purchase them with motives tailored to their interests and enjoy coloring, a return to childhood and, say the latest Research, fight with their help against stress.

Effect against stress
The trend for adult coloring books is very new, it was created several years ago in France. Its popularity has grown tremendously there, one of the adult coloring books sold in about 300,000 copies. Soon the trend spread across Europe and eventually crossed the Atlantic and became a worldwide trend. The authors of the drawing and their publishers claimed that coloring helps relieve stress, so the themes of the drawing are accordingly: nature motifs have traditionally been associated with relaxation but also magical mandalas – circles that symbolize the universe and are used by many cultures for meditation .

Even if your first thought is that anti-stress features are just commercials, remember that for most people, childhood is the most worrying period, and with the help of coloring books you can easily return to it. Just do not fear Raja, Gaya and Vlaj but the visualization of meditation. Also, psychologists have conducted many studies that prove that colors help us rest our eyes and that certain shades can help us sleep and dream better. There is also the fact that after spending all day in front of computers and phones, our eyes will be grateful and rested looking at different shades of color.