Recently, a slightly older population has adopted this soothing activity from childhood

What began as a strange pastime has become a widespread trend across the globe, as evidenced by the number of adult coloring books that have made their way to the tops of international bestsellers. This trend may be a reminder of childhood, but in reality, it may be that the therapeutic qualities of these books are the reason for the good sales of these books. Based on studies from the early 20th century, coloring creates a relaxing effect, calmness and stimulates the brain zones associated with motor skills, senses and creativity. Psychiatrist Carl Jung introduced into Western thought an Eastern mandala motif whose appearance he believed to reflect the inner processes of the human soul, and he himself drew and created motifs of the mandalas, believing that their form was a reflection of his mental events.

A brain scan revealed that our two brain hemispheres were activated during staining. Dr Sten Rodsky, a neuropsychologist who also authored adult coloring books, says coloring evokes relaxing thoughts similar to those that can be reached through meditation. Like meditation, coloring allows us to “turn off” the brain for other thoughts and focus for a moment, which is better than worrying about “what if there was” which generally involves negative scenarios.

Dr Joel Pearson, a brain research scientist at the University of New South Wales in Australia, provides a theoretical explanation for the therapeutic effect: concentrating on coloring an image can make it easier to replace negative thoughts and images with pleasant ones. “When you paint you have to look at the shape and size of the motif, you have to look at the edges and choose the color. These activities occupy the same parts of the brain that stop the onset of mental images associated with anxiety. ”In short, coloring has a scientifically proven antistress effect.

So, if you are playing a parent or babysitting an anxious and disobedient person who needs a soothing pastime, take a few felt pens and place him in a comfortable place and give him a coloring book. It has been scientifically proven to reduce stress and cause child happiness in an adult!