How to introduce a child to the world of coloring – the first coloring book

Winter has finally arrived, and hopefully snow, because winter is free of snowflakes and minus the outdoors probably means more time spent at home. More time at home -> more free time for the kid -> question – how to deal with boredom. Although I am a big advocate that children need them so far, it is sometimes necessary to give them an initial idea. ⁣

And even with ideas, sometimes there is no need to overdo it, but it is important to return to some basic activities, such as painting and drawing. These two activities are one of the earliest and simplest activities we do, and at the same time they are very useful. ⁣

Painting patterns in coloring books helps children to improve their fine motor skills, at which point attention and concentration develop (we train the brain to concentrate on what it does).

But although it seems that it is enough to give the child any coloring book and crayons, it happens that the child refuses to participate in the activity. As is the case with all other activities and actions, it is important that we start from the simple and go to the complex, that is, to go with the easier and to the more difficult.

If we give a 2-year-old child to paint a picture with too much detail, there is a chance that the child will initially refuse to have much to fear (the same applies to children with fine motor skills and children with disabilities) – but if we follow the principles outlined above and offer a simple painting for the first child, for whom he should use one color and have a model for how it should be colored, the development of the story has a different outcome.⁣