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How to introduce a child to the world of coloring – the first coloring book

Winter has finally arrived, and hopefully snow, because winter is free of snowflakes and minus the outdoors probably means more time spent at home. More time at home -> more free time for the kid -> question - how to deal with boredom. Although I am a big advocate that children need them so far, it is sometimes necessary to give them an initial idea. ⁣ ⁣ And even with ideas, sometimes...
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Here’s why adult coloring books are becoming the most popular antistress therapy

Remember how much you rejoiced when they bought you a coloring book when you were a kid? Or when new wooden crayons and markers arrive, so you can paint the remaining drawings? If moms accidentally kept your coloring books, you can notice how you grew and progressed because the drawings are more and more beautifully colored, and something about them can be learned about your character, by the way...
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Recently, a slightly older population has adopted this soothing activity from childhood

What began as a strange pastime has become a widespread trend across the globe, as evidenced by the number of adult coloring books that have made their way to the tops of international bestsellers. This trend may be a reminder of childhood, but in reality, it may be that the therapeutic qualities of these books are the reason for the good sales of these books. Based on studies from the early 20th...
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Adult coloring books – therapy for the modern man

Adult coloring book Colors help relieve stress as well as sleep better. The beneficial effect of this hobby is confirmed, and this is supported by the experience of the French, who are statistically at the top of the world for the use of antidepressants and who have found a cure for stress in coloring books. This art therapy involves painting complex paintings depicting, for example, medieval...
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There is creative potential in each of us – try to wipe it off with coloring books

There is creative potential in each of us. Yet, very often, this potential is stifled by social norms, daily obligations and lack of time. The more educated we are, the more we strive to look at things as they should, rather than allowing the imagination to come up with suggestions. When we are children, it is easy for us to wish a pet orange elephant for a pet. As we grow, we learn that...
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There are also adult coloring books that are very popular and more and more older people are buying them

What color do adults have You can paint adult paints with felt-tip pens, wooden colors or even pastels, depending on your skill and patience. For a mix of effects, use watercolor crayons to color accurately and have a watercolor effect. On sale you can also find accessories in combination with ready-to-paint drawings. The recommendation is to try what works for you and what calms you or makes you...
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